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$25.00 USD

Dogfight Parts 10mm Ratchet Key Holder

Dogfight Parts keyholder featuring 10mm ratchet wrench. Useful for loosening and tightening 10mm bolts (for example, license plate bolts at the track or car meets).

- Gated end clips easily to belt loop or strap for easy access.

- Lightweight and multi-functioning can be used for keys or accessories.

- 10mm, pivoting ratchet provides convenience for the common bolt.


10mmラチェットレンチを備えたドッグファイトパーツキーホルダー。 10mmボルトを緩めたり締めたりするのに便利です(たとえば、トラックや車の出会いのナンバープレートボルト)。