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Dogfight LCP - Carbon Sunroof Plug

Image of Dogfight LCP - Carbon Sunroof Plug

[92-95 Civic application is now available for pre-order]

*If you are in the Southern California area, we can offer a COD/pick-up option. If this applies to you, please contact us through the website before ordering

Resin-infused carbon fiber sunroof plug

This lightweight, single layer carbon plug will save you an incredible amount of weight where it counts the most. Nearly a 40 pound weight reduction at the top most position in the car will also effectively lower your center of gravity.

Our unique mold design allows for various installation methods; including non-permanent ways to allow the possibility of re-installing your sunroof assembly if desired.

This part is intended for race car use. Order includes sunroof plug only.

**Dogfight LCP units are made to order - please allow up to two weeks to process.

Designed not to make power, but to make your power more efficient. Become light.