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$425.00 USD

Dogfight LCP Carbon Sunroof Plug

92-95 Civic application will be available for pre-order soon!

*If you are in the Southern California area, we can offer a COD/pick-up option. If this applies to you, please contact us through the website before ordering

Current lead time is ~2-3 weeks

Resin-infused carbon fiber sunroof plug

This lightweight carbon plug will save you an incredible amount of weight where it counts the most. Nearly a 40 pound weight reduction at the top most position in the car will also effectively lower your center of gravity.

Our unique mold design allows for various installation methods; including non-permanent ways to allow the possibility of re-installing your sunroof assembly if desired.

This part is intended for race car use. Please note that due to the nature of composite processing there may be cosmetic or aesthetic flaws in the weave.

Parts are made to order please allow up to two weeks to process. There are no returns or exchanges on made to order parts.



この軽量の単層カーボンプラグは、数え切れないほどの重量を節約します。 車の一番上の位置で約40ポンドの重量削減も、重心を効果的に下げます。

独自の金型設計により、さまざまな取り付け方法が可能です。 必要に応じて、サンルーフアセンブリを再取り付けできるようにする非永続的な方法を含めます。