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Bride Japan XERO MS - Dogfight SPL

Bride Japan XERO MS - Dogfight SPL
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The XERO Series is a full bucket seat that was borne from BRIDE's over 30 years of research and development of racing car seats.

Among the XERO series, the XERO MS has a unique halo design that is a natural evolution of the PROFACE. We're honored to now offer the XERO MS with our signature styling cues.

- Dogfight embroidered logo front and back

- Bride Low Max embroidered logo in our signature Japanese Blue

- Grey double stitching

- Carbon pattern fabric near shoulder area

- Black / Silver FRP Shell

The Dogfight SPL XERO MS is an FIA approved model (FIA8855-1999) and can be used in international formality races and competitions.

Note: each seat is individually priced.

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花嫁のフラッグシップモデルであるXERO MSをベースにしたブライドジャパンとのドッグファイトSPLコラボレーションシート。






ドッグファイトSPL XERO MSは、FIA承認モデル(FIA8855-1999)であり、国際的な形式のレースや競技会で使用できます。




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