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$1,800.00 USD

APG Performance Forged Brake Kit

Track tested, 6-piston and 8-piston big brake kits for many applications. Each kit includes forged calipers, brackets, rotors, brake pads, brake lines, and all necessary hardware.

Caliper Specs:
-Forged 6061-T6 aerospace grade alloy 2-piece calipers
-Radial mount design for less flex
-6061-T6 alloy pistons with anti-corrosion coating
-Dual seals with high temperature resistant oil ring and dust scrappers
-Carbon steel caliper adapter for direct bolt-on installation for many applications
-Teflon and stainless steel DOT/ADR approved brake lines
-Anti-corrosion coating or custom color finish

Rotor Specs:
-Fully balanced, 2-piece rotors with 6061-T6 aerospace grade alloy hat
-Rotor ring in FC30 cast iron with anti-corrosion coating
-Drilled/Slotted rotor ring available
-Full-floating rotors available for 330mm and larger sized rotors

From the race track to the street, our goal is to provide the highest quality solution to all kinds of driving enthusiasts. The core idea of APG is to bring 'a perfect gear' for all the users with perfect guidance on the road.

*Please contact for specific pricing and availability.


トラックテスト済みの、多くのアプリケーション向けの6ピストンおよび8ピストンビッグブレーキキット。 各キットには、鍛造キャリパー、ブラケット、ローター、ブレーキパッド、ブレーキライン、およびすべての必要なハードウェアが含まれています。

-テフロンとステンレス鋼のDOT / ADR承認済みブレーキライン