NDF Café
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Special ordered from Japan - only one left in stock. Brand new in box.

From Yoshida Company:

The simple design, as well as the classic 2WAY briefcase to be used by a wider range of customers, as well as the best over-nighters for business trips, tote bags and backpacks that can be used both on and off, made up of a wide variety of items. In addition, we are equipped with cushioned pocket which can hold notebook PC and tablet terminal.

The main material is an original twill fabric woven with 100 denier cordura® nylon yarn for the warp yarn and 420 denier cordura® nylon yarn for the weft yarn, which is strong and has excellent tear strength and friction strength but is lightweight. I have.

The surface of the fabric is treated with Teflon® fabric processing with high water and anti-soiling effect, and the back side is treated with PVC so that the fabric has both strength, lightness and waterproofness so that water droplets do not get into the interior.

In consideration of the functions required for business bags, it has a lightweight and self-supporting structure, and plastic bottles and folding umbrellas fit neatly in the Sasamachi area. The common PC storage compartment has two different height pockets, so you can carry your laptop and tablet at the same time. All types other than rucksacks have a carry bar through the back to allow setup with the carry case.

- About Teflon® fabric protector processing
Although Teflon® processing is invisible to the eye, it has high water repellency and antifouling effect, and keeps the product in better condition. Does not impair the breathability of the fabric to wrap the fiber one by one. (Teflon® is a trademark of DuPont USA)

- Measures W410/H300/D80 (cm)

- Weighs 1,000g

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生地の表面は高水・防汚効果のあるテフロン®生地加工を施し、裏面はPVC加工を施し、強度・軽量・防水性を両立させ、水滴が内部に侵入しないようにしています。 。


テフロン®加工は目に見えませんが、撥水性と防汚効果が高く、製品の状態を良好に保ちます。繊維を一本一本包む生地の通気性を損なうことはありません。 (Teflon®はDuPont USAの商標です)

-寸法W410 / H300 / D80(cm)