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Daytona OS II - NDF SPL Racing Gloves

Daytona OS II - NDF SPL Racing Gloves
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Daytona OS II - NDF SPL Racing Glove by Stand 21

A collaborative effort between NDF and the leading producer of motor sport safety wear. Part one of the new exclusive collection from Stand 21.

- Features Dogfight logo (L/R), Spirit of Attack laurel wreath (L), Yuta the watchful dog (R)

- Grip and protective pads avoiding blisters optimized by carefully designed leather parts

- Pre-formed palm

- Knitted Aramid forchet

- Fire retardant material pre-formed patches on the top of the hand

- Outside seams improving driving movement and comfort

- Adjustable Aramid strap

- Manufactured from Aramid jersey and top grain leather

- Anti-vibration foam padding

- Sewn with Meta-Aramid, wet-spun thread

- SFI Certification 3.3/5 Standard

4-6 week lead time for production after order is placed

Sizing chart below:

Hand circumference (cm): 14/16 (size 6), 16/18 (size 7), 18/20 (size 8), 20/22 (size 9), 22/23,5 (size 10), 23,5/26, (size 11), >26 (size 12)

*Stand 21 recommends sizing down (1 size) if hand circumference is on the smaller end of each size due to the outside seam fit.


デイトナOS II-スタンド21によるNDF SPLレーシンググローブ

NDFとモータースポーツセーフティウェアのリーディングプロデューサーとの共同作業。 スタンド21の新しい限定コレクションのパート1。

特徴-ドッグファイトのロゴ(L / R)、スピリットオブアタックの月桂樹のリース(L)、用心深い犬のユタ(R)