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Due to the global response to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, several countries have placed restrictions on their postal services.

NDF will continue to ship internationally for the time being, but please be aware that shipping times have increased exponentially as post offices are prioritizing essential shipments.

As of September 2021, Australia has restricted the acceptance of USPS International mail.  All orders received from Australia that are over 6 ounces will now be shipped via UPS; this will result in an increase in shipping prices.  As of now, Australia and USPS do not have an end to this restriction.

Europe, including the UK and all of the EU, now have trade restrictions with the United States that require businesses to have VAT registration.  Because of this, we can no longer ship to Europe until a trade agreement between the countries are reached.  If you are in Europe, and would still like to purchase a product on the storefront, please contact us via email.

For more information, refer to your specific countries postal website, or reference the USPS website in regards to service disruptions here.

In addition to postal increases and delays, we're also seeing a major delay in material aquisition and production lead times.  While we try to accurately guage the ETA of pre-order items, it's very possible to see significant delays.  

As of 2022, we will no longer be offering pre-order items due to the volatility of the global supply chain.  We understand this limits our ability to fulfill demand, and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.  We are optimistic moving forward that we'll be able to offer this service again soon.





2021年9月の時点で、オーストラリアはUSPSインターナショナルメールの受け入れを制限しています。 オーストラリアから受け取った6オンスを超える注文はすべてUPS経由で発送されます。 これにより、送料が上昇します。 現在のところ、オーストラリアとUSPSにはこの制限に終わりはありません。

英国とすべてのEUを含むヨーロッパでは、現在、米国との貿易制限があり、企業はVAT登録を行う必要があります。 このため、両国間の貿易協定が成立するまで、ヨーロッパへの発送はできません。 ヨーロッパにお住まいで、まだ店頭で商品を購入したい場合は、メールでお問い合わせください。

詳細については、特定の国の郵便Webサイトを参照するか、サービスの中断についてUSPS Webサイトを参照してください。

郵便の増加と遅延に加えて、資材の取得と生産のリードタイムにも大きな遅延が見られます。 予約商品のETAを正確に測定しようとしていますが、大幅な遅延が発生する可能性があります。